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Finals Information:

Summer 2014 Finals are being held July 22, 23 & 24 at Sandra Day O'Conner High School from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

25250 N. 35th Ave. - Phoenix, AZ 85083

(35th Ave. & North of Happy Valley Road)

You can attend any part of your testing window. Allow two hours for each exam. If you do not have an ID, we will look you up in Powerschools.

You must show up in person for your final(s) - no exceptions.

eSchool is the Deer Valley Unified School District's online education alternative

We offer over 115 fully accredited, rigorous online one-semester(.5 credit) courses for high school students taught by certified, highly qualified Deer Valley instructors.

One-semester courses are offered during 14-week fall and spring semesters, and an 8-week summer semester.

eSchool's online course delivery system, Blackboard, is the industry leader and is utilized by Universities, K-12 districts, and corporations world-wide. Students enrolled in eSchool become familiar with Blackboard's online learning management system, giving them a significant edge in college and career readiness over their traditionally-educated peers.

eSchool Textbooks

Most eSchool classes have online textbooks. However, if you are taking Accounting, Algebra 3&4 Honors, Business Operations 1&2, Information Technology, Law and Society, Media Productions 2, Painting, Pre-Calculus, Psychology, Trigonometry, or World History Honors, you will need to obtain a hard copy of the textbook. Textbooks will be available during business hours at the Deer Valley Unified District Offices, 20402 N. 15th Ave, Phoenix, 85027. Textbooks are free, but require a deposit that will be refunded when the textbook is returned. Deposits can be made with cash. We do not accept checks or debit cards.

Technical Requirements

eSchool Students must have high-speed internet access and Microsoft Office.

The best way to ensure a great eSchool experience is to test your computer's configuration for compatibility with Blackboard. Test your computer by clicking here. This scan may take a minute, so please be patient.

The eSchool program does not yet support the use of iPads.

Optimal operating system/browser configurations for use in Blackboard are listed here.

If you are having trouble logging on or experiencing other technical problems, please contact us:

email: eschool@dvusd.org

Email for fastest response

eSchool Specialist:

Donna Otto: 623-445-4926

eSchool Manager:

Kristy Hirschberg: 623-445-4909

Part-Time Clerk:

Cindy Cordery: 623-445-4968

7:30 a.m. - 12:15 p.m. M-Th.

Registering for eSchool

Registration for our Summer semester is now closed. Registration for our Fall semester will open on July 25.