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Date: January 13th 2020

Barry Goldwater High School
A+ School of Excellence 2011, 2015
Home of the Bulldogs

Two Colors, One Voice!


Please be sure to check our website at bghs.dvusd.org



By May of 2020 we will decrease the total percentage of D/F’s in literacy and math school wide by 25% (from May of 2019 percentages) as evidenced by a score of four or better on the end of course level of achievement marks.


Learner Profile Trait for January

Barry Goldwater is an International Baccalaureate (IB) school.  As such we aspire to fulfill the traits embodied in the Learner Profile. Each month we will highlight and celebrate one of these traits.


The Learner Profile trait that we will focus on for the month of January is Reflective.  We thoughtfully consider the world and our own ideas and experience. We work to understand our strengths and weaknesses in order to support our learning and personal development.

The Learner Profile Quote of the Day is:  “If you don’t know what you are doing wrong, you can never know what you are doing right.” ~ Chen Xinhua –

See Something, Say Something

The Safe School Hotline number is 623-376-3262


DVUSD has an anonymous Safe Schools Hotline for students, parents, educators, and community members to report threats, rumors, or information of criminal activity on campuses or against Deer Valley students.  This hotline is available 24 hours each day.  Messages are investigated, and when appropriate, information from the Safe Schools Hotline is shared with local law enforcement.



Here are NEW procedures for TARDY students

  • A tardy is defined as a student who is not in his/her assigned class when the tardy bell rings.
  • Students are allowed two free tardies per month (total, not per class).
  • If you are late to class, you will need to retrieve a pass from the nearest attendance station. Only students with a pass will be admitted to class late.
  • Students will sign in at the station  
  • A student who has already accumulated two tardies will receive a detention slip. This slip will serve as the student's pass.
  • Tardy occurs before lunch = lunch detention the same day
  • Tardy occurs after lunch = the student may choose to serve after school the same day or lunch the following day. ( after school = 1/2 hr only)
  • After a student accumulates two tardies, they will serve a 1/2 hour detention for each occurrence thereafter.
  • Tardies will start over every month.
  • Students who exceed 10 tardies in a month may be subject to additional consequences as deemed appropriate by administration.
  • Starting immediately, students who are late to class will need a pass to enter.

Sadie Hawkins Dance: Ladies, do you have your date for Sadies?  The Sadie Hawkins Dance is Saturday, February 8th from 7 pm – 10 pm.  Couples tickets are $20; Individual tickets are $15.  Tickets can be purchased online immediately or in the Bookstore beginning January 27th.  Code of Conduct forms and Guest Contracts are available in the PRIDE Office.  Guest forms must be turned in for approval by Wednesday, February 5th.   


Are you interested in the Early College program at Paradise Valley Community College? The counseling office is still taking applications, see your counselor if interested.


Need some volunteer hours? Be a tutor for any subject in the library after school Monday-Thursday from 2:30-3:30. If you are interested, please see Mrs Hurlburt in room 310.


Media Center:  Did you know that library is open Monday-Thursday from 2:30-3:30. This is a great place to meet up with friends, get your homework done, and use the computers. And there are peer and adult tutors there to help you if you get stuck while completing your work


After School Meals:  If you are staying after school for anything including sports practice, club meetings, tutoring, taking a test with a teacher, etc, you can stop by the cafeteria between 2:17-2:30 for free food. The daily menu is posted in the south east corner of the cafeteria. An example of a meal is: bagel with cream cheese, string cheese, sunflower seeds, vegetable cup, yogurt, grapes, and milk. This is totally FREE!


Softball: For girls interested in playing softball, there is a meeting on TODAY on the softball field at 2:45 with open field time to follow.  Please bring your equipment! 


Boys Volleyball will have open gyms on Tuesday (1/14) and Thursday (1/16) in the small gym from 3-4:30pm. 


Track & Field: There will be a Track Meeting on January 23rd in the Lecture Hall @ 2:30 pm for all students interested in running this year:


Girls Beach Volleyball tryouts are February 10th and 11th from 2:30 to 4:30.  You will meet in front of the

gym. Remember to bring water.

Teen Lifeline:  Welcome back to week 2 of the 2nd semester and welcome to 2020! The new year can feel like a fresh start for some, but it can also be stressful trying to navigate a new schedule and the expectations that come with it. If you’re feeling anxious about this transition, know that you’re not alone and there is hope. Our school community is here for you, so please reach out to an adult that you can trust. You can also talk with another teen about what you’re going through by calling or texting the Teen Lifeline number on the back of your student ID.





Monday  - Thursday in the Media Center from 2:30 – 3:30.  Adult and peer tutors will be available for students who would like extra help.  But also, it is a really great place to go after school to study and get homework done.  Students can visit the Cafeteria from 2:17 – 2:30 for a FREE meal before heading to tutoring in the Library.



Did you know:  BGHS receives FREE healthy meals to provide to all enrolled students participating in any after school activity (Bulldog Boost, Tutoring, Sports, Clubs, etc) at no cost!  You should take confidence knowing that your child will be properly nourished the days that he/she participates in after school activities at BGHS Monday-Friday after school (2:17 or 12:47 on early release Fridays). 


Dorrance Scholarship:  Seniors, it's not too late to apply for the Dorrance Scholarship. This scholarship program provides academic and financial support to first-generation college students planning to attend one of the 3 in-state universities. The deadline to apply is February 7, 2020, but your FAFSA must be submitted by January 15th.   See your counselor for more information.



Consolidated Electrical Distributors is announcing a PAID High School Internship for our Seniors.  CED North is looking for hardworking dependable individuals that are eager to learn warehouse or office staff positions. There is no experience required and they offer on the job training with flexible part-time opportunities (no weekends or Holidays required). Please visit the Counseling office for more information.



Don’t forget to follow the BGHS Student Government on Twitter and Instagram @BGHSSTUGO for all the latest school news and events!





SCHOOL ID CARDS: Students, if you do not have your Student ID Card, please visit the Bookstore before or after school or during lunch to get an ID card printed!  You are required to have your ID card with you at all times and present it when requested.


ATTENDANCE – LOSS OF CREDIT:  BGHS students will receive Loss of Credit when 12 absences of any type are recorded in a classroom.



Please see any cashier to check if you have cafeteria debt.

Seniors, your cafeteria debt must be paid before graduation.


Students, you must re-apply for the free and reduced meal program every school year. Please turn in your application as soon as possible and allow ten days for processing.  Beginning September 20th, your will be responsible for meal payment unless your application has been processed.  Applications are available in the cafeteria, Admin office and on our website. 


Senior students, please remember to re-apply for your Free and Reduced lunch program for the 2019-2020 school year even if you have a shortened schedule. Qualifying for the Free and Reduced lunch program may also help you with testing fees, the athletic fee waiver, and more.



Our Bookstore is open from 7 am – 3 pm.  The Bookstore will close at 12:30 on Wednesdays for accounting purposes and will be closed each day from 12:30 – 1:15 for lunch.



Dress Code

Any attire that detracts from the learning environment is not acceptable.  Shirts and tops may not expose bare midriffs, bare shoulders, nor be deeply cut in the front, back or under the arms.  Undergarments should not be exposed.  Clothing must cover the entire buttocks.  Clothing may not include defamatory writing obscene language or include symbols of drugs, sex, or alcohol.  You can see the complete dress code policy in the Student’s Rights and Responsibilities Handbook on our website.  Please dress for success while at school!


Parking Permits

The cost for student parking is $100.  Students who wish to park on campus may purchase a parking permit in the Bookstore during lunch or before or after school.  You will need to present your driver’s license, current registration and proof of insurance.  Students who have not purchased a parking decal are not allowed to park their vehicle on the BGHS campus.  Security will be monitoring both parking lots to ensure you have your parking pass.


DELIVERIES:  The front desk will not accept personal items such as IPads, cell phones, money or lunches. There are also no deliveries allowed for students such as balloons, flowers, food or gifts of any kind.



Students, please be a good neighbor and do not park in the Medical Plaza or neighboring business parking lots.  Your car will be towed!  You can purchase a pass for the student parking lot in the Bookstore.

Have a great day Bulldogs!

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