WELCOME BACK! 8/3/22 Announcements

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Subject: WELCOME BACK! 8/3/22 Announcements
Date: August 3rd 2022

IPad Device Protection Plan - Students can purchase the iPad device protection plan for $25 in the MRHS bookstore or online.  This must be purchased each year and it greatly reduces the cost of repair or replacement if your iPads gets stolen, breaks, or is lost. 

Dropping Off Items To Students - To minimize classroom disruptions, the following are the only things that will be allowed to be dropped off for a student during the school day:  Ipad, & lunch on an emergency basis.  If a parent needs to drop off one of the above mentioned items, a pass will be sent to the student telling them to come pick up the item from the office at the appropriate time - the items will not be delivered to the student. The only exception to this is if a parent needs to bring medication and that must be taken directly to the nurse as no student is allowed to be in possession of any prescribed and/or over the counter medication.  TO REVIEW THE ENTIRE POLICY PLEASE SEE OUR WEBSITE   https://www.dvusd.org/domain/12351

ATTENTION WRESTLERS:  For any male or female athlete interested in wrestling this year.  There will be a mandatory wrestling meeting on Wednesday, August 10th at 2:15 in Coach Whitten's room E-104 to discuss the upcoming season as well as pre season wrestling camp. 

FALL SPORTS/ACTIVITY YARD SIGNS:  Show your MRHS Spirit by getting your Fall sports/activities yard sign for you student. Sign are $30. Available for Football, Band, Golf, Pom, Cheer, Color Guard, Dive, Swim, Volleyball, Badminton, Cross Country or any other group/activity. Contact mrhspom@gmail.com for an order form. Order is due August 10, 2022

ATTENTION SENIORS:  Seniors, don't forget that you need to make an appointment at Grads Photography Studio to be included in the yearbook. Senior pictures are only taken at their studio and appointments fill up quickly. Please contact them today.

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