test - DVUSD Students Prepare for AIMS Testing

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Subject: test - DVUSD Students Prepare for AIMS Testing
Date: April 7th 2010

DVUSD Students Prepare for AIMS Testing

Deer Valley Unified School District students in grades three through eight will be given the state required AIMS DPA (Arizona Instrument to Measure Standard Dual Purpose Assessment) on Monday, April 12 � Wednesday, April 15. The district is asking parents to help prepare students for testing with the following tips:

  • Please have a positive attitude about this week of test taking.
  • Please make sure your child gets a good night�s sleep.
  • Please insist your child eat a healthy breakfast at home or at school.
  • Please get your child to school on time for each testing day. If your child is ill on a testing day, please contact your school office.
  • Please remind your child to relax and do the best they can.

Good luck to all Deer Valley students!

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