Changing messaging to the DVUSD Mobile App

From: "Eagle Express" <>
Subject: Changing messaging to the DVUSD Mobile App
Date: June 10th 2020

O’Connor Parents,

This email is to inform you that we are moving away from sending the Eagle Express Announcements via email.  To replace the email announcements, we are going to utilize the DVUSD mobile app to communicate announcements to our families.  The DVUSD mobile app will provide instant communication vs. emails or phone calls.  The mobile app will provide a much faster method of communication.


To download the DVUSD mobile app, search for Deer Valley Unified SD in the App Store (iOS devices) or the Google Play store (Androide devices).  You can also scan the QR code below. 

Once you download the app you will need to set it to follow Sandra Day O'Connor High School. Instructions are here -->  It only takes a few minutes to set it up.  You can also follow multiple schools if you have students attending other schools.

Thank you for your continued support of Sandra Day O’Connor High School.

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