5/13/22 Announcements

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Subject: 5/13/22 Announcements
Date: May 13th 2022


Monday 5/16

  • Normal school day operating on Schedule 1
  • Today will be the last day for students to bring backpacks and/or large bags or purses to campus for the rest of the year. Any student bringing a backpack, string bag or large purse starting Tuesday will be sent to the Conduct Office where it will be stored for the day. Small plastic grocery bags would be acceptable if you feel you need something. 

Tuesday 5/17

  • Seniors will be graduating at State Farm Stadium at 1:30. Since this involves most of our staff, school will be dismissed for all students at 11:00.

Wednesday 5/18

  • Normal school day operating on Schedule 1

Thursday 5/19

  • Last day for all students and school will be dismissed at 11:00

PURCHASED YEARBOOKS ARE IN!  Purchased Yearbooks can be pickedup at the bookstore before school, during lunch, or after school. 

PANORAMIC PICTURES ARE IN AND NEED TO BE PICKED UP: Seniors, if you ordered a panoramic picture please stop by the book store to pick it up ASAP.

SENIOR PARKING PASSES:  The application for Senior Parking will open May 13th after 3:30 PM. The application and additional information can be found on the MRHS website

GIRLS GOLF: The girls golf team is having a meeting for students interested in trying out for the team next fall. The meeting will be on Monday, May 9th at 2:20 in room D106.

ATTENTION SENIORS who missed the graduation meeting  need to pick up a summary sheet in the front office and go to graduation information on the website and view the powerpoint.

HELP NEEDED FOR GRAD NIGHT 2022! This is an amazing event we will be holding for our Senior class on Sunday May 15th. This event is held at The Main Event and will run from 11pm on May 15 and go until 6am on May 16th. This is a fun lock in event held in a drug and alcohol free environment where our grads will have food, play arcade games, laser tag, bowl, climb ropes, make great memories and go home with some awesome raffle prizes. We have been working very hard along with our PTO Treasurer to make this event happen. We have many business sponsors, but an event like this can't happen without help from our parents and community. If you are able to give your time, we need help with preparations, chaperones the night of the event, and donations. If you are a parent, family or friends of our Junior class we would especially love for you to help us this year. Your child will get to enjoy this awesome event next year! It is our goal that each student goes home with a gift card or something that they can use going off to college or for whatever their future plans hold. If you are a business owner or know one all donations are tax deductible. Businesses will be advertised on our Facebook page, on flyers and at the event. We will also gladly accept any and all parent donations.

SENIOR GRAD NIGHT: Senior Grad Night is on Sunday, May 15th! Ridge is the only high school in the district to have continued this Grad Night for our graduating seniors for the past 20 years! It's an entertaining, fun-filled and SAFE graduation celebration. Our seniors love this all night LOCK-IN party where MRHS grads will have a chance to win some great prizes! The location is the MAIN EVENT in Avondale on Sunday, May 15th from 11pm - 5am. Tickets are $55 in advance and $65 at the door. (If payments are made online through the PayPal link/QR code, please email the P.R.I.D.E. group with the student's name and payor information.) P.R.I.D.E. representatives will also be on campus during AcaPrep Thursday, April 28th for seniors who would like to purchase tickets and sign the liability waiver. Since our Ridge parent group is sponsoring this event, please go to their website for all of the information. www.ridgeparentgroup.org Facebook: Mountain Ridge High School Parent Action Group Email: pridemrhs@gmail.com .


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