'Sun'sational Summer Camp Invoices

From: "CommEd Summer Camp" <communityeducation@dvusd.org>
Subject: 'Sun'sational Summer Camp Invoices
Date: May 3rd 2017

Dear Summer Camp Families:

‘Sun’sational Summer Camp begins in just a few short weeks.  Next week, you will receive an invoice for the first two weeks of camp.  Invoices are scheduled to run on 5/8/17, and the first two weeks of camp will automatically charge to your debit/credit card on 5/12/17. 

Once invoices are issued, your schedule is locked in.  It is very important that you make any necessary changes now to avoid this.  Changes after the 5/7/17 deadline are subject to additional fees, and some dates may no longer be available.

Your $100 per child deposit that was charged at the time of contract approval will be credited to this first payment (if you have dates scheduled for the first two weeks).

Attached is a document that provides additional information and instructions on making changes to your account.  Complete program information is also available to http://dvusd.org/summercamp.  Changes must be made prior to Sunday, 5/7/17. 

Thank you, and please contact us if you need additional information.





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