Before & After Care Registration Approval Update

From: "Community Ed B & A" <>
Subject: Before & After Care Registration Approval Update
Date: June 4th 2020

Dear DVUSD Community Education Families:


Due to the uncertainty of the 2020-2021 school year model and how it may affect Before & After School Care, Community Education plans to proceed as follows with the acceptance of pending applications for this program:

  • Registrations for Consistent and Pick-Your-Days plans will be approved in the order they were received, as well as staff PLC Fridays.  Drop-In contracts will be reviewed and accepted based on sufficient staff

  • At this time, contracts will be accepted based on a student-to-staff ratio of 9:1 according to CDC recommendations; for example, a site with 3 staff members can approve a maximum of 27 registrants

    • Additional contracts will be accepted as staff is added

    • Once restrictions are eased as they relate to COVID19, we will return to our licensing ratio of 20:1

    • Community Education continues to hire staff throughout the school year

  • The registration fee ($20, $30, or $60 depending on when you applied) will not be charged until the first month’s tuition is charged.  At this time, the registration fee and August tuition are tentatively scheduled to invoice on Friday, July 24, assuming a normal school start date of August 3

    • Once invoiced, dates are locked in for the month and changes are subject to an additional fee and availability; please submit changes prior to July 24 for August attendance

    • These fees are due on August 1

  • The above information is as of 6/4/2020 and is subject to change pending developments with the new school year

  • For the most up-to-date information from Deer Valley administration, please visit

  • Sincerely.

  • DVUSD Community Education

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